Welcome to myportfolio website! I'm Kim Lorimer and I am a Marketing Administrator at SwiftTech Solutions in Irvine, CA. Igraduated from Art Institute of California-Orange County (AICA-OC) with my secondbachelor's degree in March of 2009. I discovered my passion for marketing andgraphic design when I entered a contest to become an intern for theMulticultural Advertising Internship Program in 2005. Even though I did not getthe internship, I realized I enjoyed research, brainstorming, and craftingheadlines. I also love doing advertising creative work because each campaignpresents an opportunity to become an expert in a subject, whether it's cats, toesocks, or romance novels. I feel if you are going to spend eight plus hoursworking per day, it might as well be spent on something you love. I currently work as a Marketing jack-of-all trades at SwiftTech Solutions, creating email blasts, updating their website, and creating printed collateral. 

Enjoy my website and I hope to hear from you soon!